A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

IMG_0139 odoqVYRSuKnSzo38lsaOi1ms2RcqnZrA5vrMJWxOg6o

Print layer 1


Print Layer 2

Artist Statement –

While searching for my own personal meaning of identity, I came across Charles Horton Cooley’s theory, the “Looking Glass Self.” The theory states that much of who we are, and how we act is based upon how we think others view us. Our perception of other’s opinions of who we are, dictate who we are as people. In Cooley’s theory there are three principles; one, we imagine how we appear to other people, two, we imagine the judgment of other people, and three, we act upon this judgment due to feelings of guilt, pride, happiness, and or joy. Thus, for my piece I wanted to illustrate this concept and how it applies to my idea of my own identity.

When I look at myself from the “Looking Glass Self” I think that I am perceived as stern and mean, and I have come to terms with this opinion because I, simply suffer from the male equivalent of bitch face. It’s nothing against me, but my relaxed face is just very stern and angry looking. Perhaps, its my lush eyebrows, or my deep, blue, soul piercing eyes. I don’t know. However, I believe that this image is not a proper interpretation of who I am as a person, and many people tell me when they get to know me how I am intimidating when they first meet me. Thus, I came up with the idea, of depicting myself as a sheep in wolf clothing, a play on the phrase ‘a wolf in sheep clothing.’

The way I intend to portray this idea is through a multilayered print, since I am myself and the theory of the “Looking Glass Self” is too. On the first layer I intend to have an image of a wolf’s head super imposed onto my body. This is to represent the first layer of the “Looking Glass Self” theory, or my image of other people’s impression of me. This layer will be made of stiff paper so that the texture will further allude to the stern impression I feel that I leave. The second layer of this print will be my fingerprint. Furthermore, it will depict how I see my own image, like that of a sheep, as I will be using yard as the texture of my figure print in this layer. Besides the texture of the yarn alluding to that of a sheep, it is a worthy choice as a texture to allude to a sheep, because the wool yarn, literally, came from a sheep. Lastly, the top layer of this print will be text.

Encompassing, both the idea behind this print and the general feel, the text will read “a sheep in wolf clothing.” This encompasses the idea behind this print as it points to the idea noted in “Looking Glass Self” theory stating how individuals are conscious of how others think about them, and base their own self image appropriately. Also, this layer will help enforce the idea behind this print as it helps to illustrate my witty and kind identity.

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