I Hope I’m Cool In Real Life


Artist Statement:

Appearance is the child of identity. If appearance is the makeup covered, adolescent posting on twitter about their new relationship, identity is the aged, wise parent. So much of who we are, today, is surrounded around this idea. Our being is constantly being torn between the two; who we are and who we appear to be. Now with the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where one is constantly self-branding themselves, the lines between identity and appearance is shrinking.

You want to know if your college roommate is going to be cool? Check them out on Facebook. What does that girl, you always see like? Check out what she’s saying on Twitter. That guy, who you are working with on a project, what is he like outside the classroom? Check out Instagram. We form many identities of ourselves, and of other people through the lenses of social media. It is a very superficial process, it’s faceless (notice I didn’t draw on a face…o shit thats so deep, Will! Trust me, I know), however, we assume it is all encompassing. Thus, for my piece I want to poke fun at this idea, while making a statement about social media’s influence on our identities.


9 thoughts on “I Hope I’m Cool In Real Life

  1. I think that this piece of work is both very humorous and truthful about our society today. Will does communicate this huge issue that we see today on facebook by showing a faceless self portrait and the text. I like the fact that he used a blurred out picture of his newsfeed so the focus would be on the text and the person in the picture. The print is printed well with the right composition for his art piece.

  2. I enjoy Will’s print a lot. I like the fact that he decided to do a selfless self portrait with a sentence that emphasis that our society focuses on social media. I think that having a blurred background was the best choice so the audience can focus on the text and the polymer print that was designed.

  3. This is a very consistent print that ties together strongly with it’s concept. I think you did a really great job at making an image that most of the audience will relate to. The gesture is seen everywhere, the “selfie” reference. The glasses, shirt, and iPhone are all contemporary marks of society which bring the viewer in ever more so. I appreciate the text in the background that proves people ‘liking’ statuses and commenting upon how one person appears to be. Really successful work.

  4. I find this work very funny and also very true to our society today. I really like the connections of the facebook page in the background with the image on top. I would recommend playing with the position of the image on the background or cropping the image down so that the border around the main image is even. Other than that great job. Good luck on your next project.

  5. I think that this is a very interesting piece of work. Today with the world essentially revolving around the social media pages, it was very interesting to see you attack that, and make us think about it. It made me think how much time and effort people put into there social media pages to create a impersonation of somebody that they generally are not. The background of the Facebook page is very interesting and works perfect with the overlay of you with the phone

  6. I agree with Jasmine, i think that this piece is very true; but being approached in a humorous way. Today in society we tend to avoid situations or environments that make us feel uncomfortable or uneasy and i think that lends a helping hand to your work. Because of its funny nature it is easy to connect with and understand but the overall theme still sticks with you and can lead to provoking thought in the viewer. I think what you accomplished here is very well executed and thought out; the way the background aids your central image but doesn’t over power it is also very well done! Great job!

  7. This is AWESOME!! Love the transfer in the background. You did an amazing job of choosing the right amount of pressure and not making it too dark (which was a problem I came across & had to mess around with.) Also love the concept…a topic that is very relatable to everyone since most people are so consumed with how they look over the media. Very interesting. Also– did you draw the image of (you?) holding the cell phone? Really like how simple it is…yet still gets the point across. Overall– love this piece.

  8. what’s most interesting to me is the absence of a mouth, as if the figure is voiceless or his voice, represented in the text, is heard only in his head…it points at the internal dialogue of self-branding on social media

  9. I really enjoy the effort and thought process that went into creating this piece. It’s familiar and yet still very original. I find that it works well that there’s no face and I think it works well with the overall finished piece. I think that most people can relate to this since social media is so prevalent in our society nowadays and practically no one can do anything without posting what they’ve done to some social media site. It’s amusing and yet extremely true. Well done.

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