Identity Series – It’s So Deep!

IMG_0139  10863567_10152510689872997_1006937467_n10799434_10152464712847997_1171151805_n

Being a twenty one-year-old college student staring into the great unknown that is the real world I sought to examine what identity means. And I found that identity is often an entity crafted with regards to someone else. Who are you, in what context, or with regards to another being? Quite simply, without darkness there is no light; without others who are you. Thus, as I examined what this term meant I took three angles of observation. My first piece speaks to how identity is created through both how you view yourself, how you think others view yourself, and how you react to those views. Being social beings, it is innate that we look at how we stand in social gatherings; we naturally evaluate ourselves in terms of how we fit in. Thus, for my second piece I examined how appearance factors into your own and how you views others’ identity. Lastly, I looked at the project as a whole, because as a socialized guy, in so far as I have been raised to act according to societal norms associated with guyism, talking about who you are is not a natural tendency. You are not raised to write in your diary or talk about feelings. Thus, my last project looks at identity with regards how I look at myself.

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